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Actuator Solenoids / Coils / Electromagnets / Valves / Pumps

Work Mode Structure Solenoids Function Mechanism or Photos

Linear Solenoids

(Push Pushing, Pull Pulling & Latch Latching, Keep keeping, Hold Holding Function)

Linear Pull / Push Solenoids
AC serie: C, U, Open Frame
AU Serie: D, U, Box Open Frame
AO Serie: Tube Shape
AD Serie: Moving Coil Stucture
Pull Push Solenoid Mechanism

D, U Frame Solenoid
(Open Frame Solenoids)
(Box Frame Solenoids)
AU Serie

(Linear Pull Push function)

C, U Frame Solenoid
(Open Frame Solenoids)
AC Serie

(Linear Push Pull function)


Tube / Tubular Solenoids
(Cylinder/Cylindrical Solenoid)
AO Serie

(Linear Pull Push function)

Moving Coil Solenoids
AD Serie

(Linear Push Pull Function)

Steady force from samll stroke to big stroke

Latch / Latching Solenoids
(Keep / Keeping Solenoids)

(Self Hold/Holding Solenoid)

(Maintain Solenoids
(Mono Stable Solenoid)
AK serie

(Linear Push Pull &
Self Hold function)
Latch Solenoid Mechanism
Dual Latch Latching Solenoid
(Double Hold Holding Solenoids)
(Double Keep Keeping Solenoid)
(Bi-stable / Bistable Solenoid
AKD Serie

(Linear Pull Push &
Dual latch
Double Hold
Bi Keep, Bistable Function)
Dual Latch Solenoid Mechanism

(Electro Magnets)
AX Serie

S: Non-Tube)

Swing Solenoids
AP Serie

(Basicly used for Payphones)

Rotary Solenoids
AZ Seris

Solenoid Valves
(Solenoid powered driven Valves)

AF Serie

(L/S: 2/3 ports)

Solenoid Pumps
(Solenoid powered driven pumps)
AT Serie
Max. Flow rate: 250ml/min
Weight: 80g
24V 48V ~ 120Vac 240Vac

Solenoid (from

A solenoid is a three-dimensional coil. In physics, the term solenoid refers to a loop of wire, often wrapped around a metallic core, which produces a magnetic field when an electric current is passed through it. Solenoids are important because they can create controlled magnetic fields and can be used as electromagnets. The term solenoid refers specifically to a magnet designed to produce a uniform magnetic field in a volume of space (where some experiment might be carried out).

In engineering, the term solenoid may also refer to a variety of transducer devices that convert energy into linear motion. The term is also often used to refer to a solenoid valve, which is an integrated device containing an electromechanical solenoid which actuates either a pneumatic or hydraulic valve, or a solenoid switch, which is a specific type of relay that internally uses an electromechanical solenoid to operate an electrical switch; for example, an automobile starter solenoid, or a linear solenoid, which is an electromechanical solenoid.